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The underlying data model of SharedUniverse is based upon XML, the current and emerging standard for information exchange. With this model, there will never be a need to rekey information in order for a company to utilize the full power of SharedUniverse.

The SharedUniverse look and feel can be private labeled and customized so that it can be readily adapted to serve as part of a company extranet or an industry forum/trading environment.
  What is Shared Universe?
Shared Universe is a knowledge and document management platform that has been under development since 2002. Although it was originally designed to serve the financial services and pharmaceutical industries, its scope has been expanded to serve many industries as a business to business tool.

Documents, photographs and industry-specific structured data can be quickly entered into a series of customizable web forms and sub-forms, and a set of powerful editing tools within those forms. The information could then be reviewed and modified within a company group, and distributed to external companies as a request for quote (RFQ), or simply a rich summary of a business placement.

What can the Shared Universe platform do for you?
1) You have knowledge that you need to manage:
  • Documents: MS Word DOCs, Excel spreadsheets, PDFs, etc.
  • Graphics: photographs and PowerPoint slides, etc.
  • Catalogue data: your own or linked from Amazon.com or eBay.com
  • Syndicated data: your own or linked using RSS
  • Structured data: forms, tables, outlines (file/folder systems, relationships, complex data hierarchies)

2) You need to share some or all of that knowledge:
  • With select individuals within your company or your entire company.
  • With select individuals, communities or outside companies.
  • With individuals that satisfy certain profile criteria.
  • With EVERYONE.

3) You need flexibility in how that knowledge is distributed:
  • Via the Shared Universe website.
  • Via email.
  • Via a private-labeled website that links seamlessly with your website.
  • Via our content publishing tools that enriches your website.

4) You need access to that knowledge:
  • With availability of data that you have created and that others have shared with you.
  • With flexible drill-down, bubble-up and back-link navigation.
  • With flat and deep hierarchical views of your data in multiple contexts.
  • With a search engine that works with many types of data and displays only what you're allowed to see.

5) You want to give and receive feedback:
  • With threaded messaging, whether in a global context or in the context of a specific item.
  • With restricted visibility of the messages based upon the security context.
  • With built in auction bidding, price quoting and negotiation functionality.

6) You need assurance:
  • That your data is secured from intrusions and viruses.
  • That your data is available quickly and at all times.
  • That technical support is available 24/7.

With full XML support, SharedUniverse has been easily integrated with the eBay and the Amazon.com catalogs via their API's (Application Programming Interface), and could just as easily be interfaced with your website or enterprise database. As industry standards and specifications for information interchange stabilize, SharedUniverse can serve as a highly controllable information clearing house for small and large companies alike.
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